Finding Messiah (2024) – Nollywood Movie

Finding Messiah (2024) Movie Download

Finding Messiah (2024) Movie Download

Finding Messiah revolves around the fictional nation of The Republic of Zambay, an ancient civilization complete with its own culture, language and sensibilities. The film deals with a messy political unrest as it features a group of protesters fighting an established political class that is bent on oppressing the people it is meant to protect.

  • Title: Finding Messiah
  • Genre: Drama
  • Rating: None
  • Duration: 134 min
  • Country: Nigeria
  • Released year: 2024
  • Stars: Pete Edochie, Ngozi Ezeonu, Taiwo Ajayi-Lycett, Alex Usifo, Ejike Asiegbu, Daddy Showkey, Sunshine Rosman, Bucci Franklin and Uzi Kwednu
  • Producer: Oscar Heman-Ackah
  • Director: Oscar Heman-Ackah


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